Unearthed: Roisin Maeve

NAME: ROISIN MAEVE Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 4.48.01 PM.png

AGE: 19



Burning, overwhelming, comfort.

These are the three words Roisin uses to describe her poetry, and I agree that they perfectly epitomise her art and what it can offer to readers and audiences.

Artistic expression has always been an integral part of Roisin’s life, and with a super indie name like Roisin Maeve what else would you expect? She scrawled her first poem in crayon at the age of only six, and has since filled countless notebooks cover to cover.

Roisin Maeve has a powerful voice from the perspective of a modern young woman, and she writes about the harsh reality of issues that many young girls face. Inspired by similar poets Sarah Kay, Rupi Kaur and Manal Younus, Roisin describes her work as being about “strength in self, sexuality, love and loss”. Her writing is courageous yet soft, simple yet intricate. Above all, it is raw, and this is what makes her poetry so relatable to young female audiences.

“When I first started performing, or writing even, I didn’t think what I was saying that unique or important, to a certain degree, but when women came up to me and were really touched by it, it was like ‘okay this is a thing’.”

Roisin sets herself apart from other poets by bringing her words to life, and damn she does it well. In 2014 she performed in the Australian Poetry Slam, an organisation which runs a national competition all over Australia. Roisin represented South Australia and went on to become runner-up in the state, as well as a finalist in the national competition, which saw her score the opportunity to perform at the Sydney Opera House (how swanky!).

“It’s got such a strong message, and yet it’s quite easy for people to understand, which is what I love about slam poetry. It’s not too flamboyant or extravagant, it’s quite simple and easy to get through. It’s all about that impact.”

Poetry writing and performing aren’t the only of Roisin’s artistic endeavours. She is in the process of creating a film and a book as well.

In collaboration with budding Adelaidian filmmaker Lucy Corin, Roisin is creating a film centred around the poem ‘The World Told Me’ (see above). She says both her and Lucy are extreme perfectionists, so it’s been a long project in the making, but she hopes that it will be released before the end of 2016.

“I’m very, very excited for people to watch it and have more of an immersive experience with my poetry, to have something people can share around.”

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 9.30.23 pm.png

Likewise, the book will offer something tangible for her audiences, and most aesthetes can agree that nothing beats the feeling of a book in your hands and the nostalgic scent of crisp pages. The book will be a collection of poems that Roisin has performed and published, as well as some new material.

“It’s got an overarching theme; I want it to tell a story because I’m a bit pedantic. At the moment it’s all very up in the air, but I’m very excited to share things on a different platform.”


To keep up to date with Roisin’s happenings, follow her social accounts here;

Facebook: Roisin Maeve

Instagram: @roisinmaeve


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