Unearthed: Mia Reschke

17199126_1936481906580364_1452464815_n.jpgNAME: MIA RESCHKE/MIA CARMEN
AGE: 17
Meet Mia Reschke, a 17-year-old artistic powerhouse from Tatachilla Lutheran College.
An actor, singer, songwriter and composer all-in-one, she’s the Fleurieu’s very own Julie Andrews. I was mesmerised by her performances in musicals at Tatachilla’s chapels and when I was asked to write about a talented student, Mia immediately came to mind. She has recently landed the lead role in the College’s upcoming musical Mary Poppins, which will be held at the Hopgood Theatre in May.
Mia is a diverse performer, who adopts different identities for her two main creative endeavours; theatre performance and folk music. Mia Reschke the theatre performer is vibrant, bold and exciting and has been seen by thousands. Mia Carmen is an acoustic singer and songwriter, who is soft, mellow and tranquil and is yet to be discovered.
When the curtain’s drawn and the show’s over Mia relaxes by writing, singing and recording music. Mia writes purely as a form of expression, without an audience in mind, granting herself the freedom to create authentically and wholly.

All of her own music is produced in her bedroom, offering a genuine and authentic insight into her soulful personality.

Mia focuses on melancholic melodies and strong ballads. She finds inspiration in Angus and Julia Stone, Nick Murphy (aka. Chet Faker) and Matt Corby. Her song ‘Sunday Calls’, released shortly before Matt Corby’s ‘Monday’, shares an uncanny resemblance, not only in name but in tune and its ‘a cappella’ style. Mia jokes: ‘He stole my song’.
Although Mia rarely promotes her music, all of her songs, including her album ‘Along Side You,’ can be found on her SoundCloud. Treat yourself and listen to it on a balmy evening.
Mia’s list of creative interests doesn’t end at singing and performing. In her limited spare time she loves baking, painting, crocheting and making a variety of handcrafts from earrings to dog collars to Christmas wreaths. She particularly loves anything vintage, and is rarely adorned in something that hasn’t been found in an op shop.

The self-confessed ‘artsy wannabe,’ surpasses a level of ‘artsy’ that many of us can only dream of.

At just the beginning of her senior high school year, she has a maturity and confidence well beyond her age. She is Mia Reschke and you’ll want to keep an eye out for her on Broadway one day.


To read the full editorial on Mia and learn a lot more about this fantastic individual, namely her theatre performance, grab yourself a copy of Fleurieu Living Magazine‘s Autumn issue.
Mia in FLM.jpg

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