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My name’s Annabel Bowles, and I’m an introverted 19-year-old Journalism & Professional Writing and International Relations student from Adelaide. An introverted girl doing journalism?? Yeah, I don’t know why either, but ever since I was a child, I’ve loved writing and storytelling. I still have notebooks filled with the stories that my seven-year-old self conjured in barely recognisable writing. No one ever read them, but to me it didn’t matter, writing was my creative outlet and the product of my imagination. It allowed me to escape reality and create my own world.

In the real world, there are extraordinary stories waiting to be told, by everyday people. When you delve beneath the small talk, people are fascinating. It was this desire to tell people’s stories that led me to a journalism degree. I’ve thought endlessly about how I can write about things that add colour and excitement to my life, without falling into the trap of conventional journalism (eg. boring sports coverage, politics and economics; ew). It was after many months of thought, pondering my degree choices, and several existential crises, that The People Portfolio was born.

What began as a uni assignment has become something I am already passionately invested in. This blog is inspired by the likes of Humans of New York, Freunde von Freunden and The Artidote, and is dedicated to sharing the fascinating stories found in the artistic endeavours of young people. The People Portfolio is a colourful, image-rich publication that is devoted to unearthing local and emerging artists, in all forms, and giving these young people a platform to be discovered and appreciated by like-minded people. Most importantly, it’s about telling the stories of these artists, what inspires them, drives them, and feeds their creativity.

Enjoy, stay rad, and I hope you find this inspiring.

Annabel x

The People Portfolio social accounts:

Facebook: The People Portfolio

Instagram: @thepeopleportfolio

Twitter: @peopleportfolio

Personal social accounts:

Facebook: Annabel Bowles

Instagram: @annabel_bowles

Twitter: @annabel_bowles


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